What is Google Analytics?

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Google analytics shows you in depth detail about the visitors to your website. Basically who is visiting your website and what actions they are taking. Analytics will tell you where the visitors came from, what were they searching for when they found you, what pages did they look at and did they contact you. This will help you determine the future marketing activities you should consider.

Visitors to your website are equally as important as visitors to your physical business premises.

Analytics needs to be set up on your website and customised reports scheduled to be sent to you on a regular basis. You will gain an improved insight into your customers, potential customers, what interests them and what is not working on your website. Furthermore, you will learn more about where your customers are located and this will assist your decisions on where to spend your advertising dollars.

You will be able to:
1. Define what is important to your business
2. Spot threats and opportunities faster
3. Provide reports on what is happening in your business
4. Create a framework for making smarter decisions
5. Learn from advertising success and failures

Other benefits of Google Analytics include:
. It’s Free
. It’s easy to install
. It collects data for you
. You can customise reports
. It offers complete integration with Google
. It can be integrated with all your social media, such as Facebook
. It provides fantastic insight into your website activity

Contact Business Highway to help you through setting up Google analytics for your website. Email: kim@businesshighway.com.au

What does Google analytics look like