Wedding Photographer Website

Your wedding photography portfolio website needs to go beyond just showcasing your talent and wedding portfolio. It also needs to showcase who you are as a person and how you approach your work. It’s important to invest care and attention to each detail of your photography portfolio website – the images that you choose should tell a story, the website should be easy to access and navigate and most importantly, it should project the unique vision that you would bring to a wedding assignment.

A good photography website is a showcase for photos. Take inspiration from real-world photo galleries— your website should be uncluttered and have plenty of whitespace to frame your photos.

Example of a

Wedding Photographer Website

Many wedding photographers are just starting out and do not have a large portfolio of material to highlight to potential customers. This clean structured website is a good starting point for all new photographers.
The feminine style of this website is to calm the couple and not overwhelm them with too many packages and decisions.
This design is not interactive on this page as it is only a draft design for presentation purposes.
We have included a QR code for simple access to the website on a mobile device.

Wedding Photographer Website Example

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