How to talk about branding in a saddler’s workshop?

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As marketers, we work with a variety of business owners and it is up to us to make sure that our conversations are heard. This may require us to CUT TO THE CHASE with what needs to be conveyed when the topic of branding and structuring growth strategies is the subject with your client.

Letting my clients express their ideas, their likes and where they want to take their business accelerates the growth of our relationship. I’ve learned to listen when needed and hold my tongue when needed. But believe me, I’ve made mistakes in the past and I might even make a few in the future but that’s all part of working in marketing with diverse businesses.

My recent project with John Lordan Saddles was one of my success stories. Freedom to speak openly made our work progress smoothly and efficiently. Many years working in the rural and agricultural sectors of Australia gives me the heads up on the barriers of rural life and what it has taken to be a success in business.

And John Lordan Saddles is a success story.

John is regarded as one of Australia’s true Master Saddlers and a craftsman of handcrafted leather accessories. John wanted to bring the quality of his craftsmanship to a new ecommerce website where visitors from throughout the world could shop. John was confident that he knew what he liked and what we needed to do to create his brand look.

Check out John’s website and appreciate his craftsmanship.

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