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Great Skills - It's about working smart

Whilst this statement can be very true, there are many other factors that can come into play. A growing body of research now points to the idea that long hours do not equal productivity. The importance of smart work over hard work is becoming increasingly popular, as the pandemic continues to blur work-life boundaries and the importance of cashflow has never been more important.
An example of great skills that may not be working smart are often those businesses we rely on the most. How often do we see local tradespeople, whether it be the handy plumber, painter or electrician, dutifully turning up to help out their customers either in the home or workplace. However, whilst they are very efficient at their job, the tasks of recordkeeping, accounts management and chasing money are not a daily priority. And the build-up of incomplete accounts can have many cashflow and compliance issues.
To improve work-life boundaries, businesses need to invest in reviewing how they undertake their work, what skills do they need to improve their efficiencies and what technology is now available that could help with “working smart”.
It’s refreshing to see that smart working will not just improve productivity, but it can improve job satisfaction.
If it’s time for you to work smarter, consider a business review of your systems. We’re happy to chat.

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