Grant Tender Writing

Are you trying to win a contract or win a tender?

Then consider the tender writing services offered by our agency. We offer a tender consultancy service or we can tackle the entire project for you and write a concise tender response for you.

Tender Consultancy

Not sure how to approach a tender?

Want to write a grant response yourself, but need guidance?

Perhaps you want to write your own documents, but would like an advisor to confirm you’ve covered everything and answered the questions to the best of your ability.

This services includes elements such as:

. Helping you replace vague answers or overly complex submissions with concise, factual and relevant responses.
. Providing constructive criticism to improve the quality and relevance of your answers in line with the evaluation criteria.
. Cross checking your responses and portal upload to ensure your bid is complete and compliant.

Tender Writing Services

One of your most important contracts is due for renewal and although you’ve done a great job for them in the past, you’ve got very little experience or time to write a tender?


You’ve just heard about a great new business opportunity but you’ve got to complete a creative proposal to be in with a chance of winning it? You’ve got a grant tender document but you don’t have the time or resource to complete it before the deadline?
Sound familiar?

With tender writing, you have to be able to sell yourself and your company through the written word; understanding and interpreting the client’s evaluation criteria, and then responding in a clear, concise format.

We’re 100% flexible and we’ll work with you in whatever way suits you the best – here’s how:

Outsourced Recruitment Tender Writing
We review all the tender documents and then gather relevant company information, policies, procedures, case studies and anything else required to construct a really robust response from you. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information / documentation required (e.g. really solid, up to date company policies and procedures) – we can pull these together for you!

Once we’ve got all the information; we’ll then write a guideline for addressing the tender response or grant response. When you are happy with the guideline, we will write the tender response for you to review and make changes. Some clients like us to come and work in their office for the duration whilst others prefer to work remotely so our Tender Writing Service can be delivered either face-to-face or by telephone / email. It’s entirely up to you!

Let’s write something great together.

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