Run your business, we’ll run your bookkeeping.

High quality bookkeeping is about the everyday flow of your business.

The problem: you’re too busy growing the business to always handle bookkeeping yourself. You need outside help.

Enter Business Highway. By working with a virtual bookkeeper—defined simply as someone who helps keep your books from a remote location—you can streamline various portions of your daily routine.

You don’t have to be restricted to a daily routine of invoicing, monitoring accounts receivable, and other repetitive bookkeeping tasks that keep you away from your most important work. If you can find a skilled professional to take on these tasks, you can build a more efficient business.


Up to date books and monthly accounts

“I feel like I’m struggling to understand my business’s bottom line.” You should never have to feel this way. Up-to-date books are your first step to understanding your cash position and financial health. We can help with your bookkeeping. We use MYOB or XERO.

Know what you owe and pay on time

There are always bills to pay, and keeping up with how much you owe and when it’s owed is critical to managing cash flow and avoiding interest charges. We can help with your accounts payable.

Worry free payroll processing

There’s no worse feeling than not getting payroll submitted in time. Ensure your employees are always taken care of and paid correctly on payday. We can help with payroll, superannuation and all reporting requirements.

Collect money faster

You should be chasing new business, not delinquent accounts. Good accounts receivables processes boost profits by reducing bad debt, leading to better cash flow and higher available liquidity. We can help with your accounts receivable.

Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, GST reports– we deliver the statements you need to have visibility into how your business is performing. We’ll set up your chart of accounts to represent how you need to see the financial performance of your company.

Easy document sharing and collaboration
We make the process as seamless as possible, leveraging cloud-accounting tools to save time, improve collaboration, store documents and receipts, and finally say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets!