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Marketing Reviews

Is your marketing working for you? Are your current marketing activities helping your business increase visibility, generate more leads or find new lucrative clients? Even if you feel that your marketing activities to date have been successful, you should conduct a regular review to help you stimulate forward thinking strategies. By conducting a marketing review you will get data on what is and what is not working before they cost you too much money and resources. Plus a review enables you to see what other opportunities are available.

We offer over 15 years of marketing experience in Rural NSW


The first thing we look at are the results of your current marketing activities and your brand.

If your marketing activities aren’t driving inbound leads and sales, then we will help you work out why.

Tracking your results helps us understand how each marketing activity is contributing to your success. Then we can make informed decisions about whether to continue with what you are doing or try something new.

For each marketing activity, answer the following questions:

  1. Does the activity help your business achieve its goals?
  2. Has the activity generated leads, brand visibility or sales?
  3. How much did the campaign cost in terms of dollars and resources?
  4. Was the return on investment worth the effort?
    For those that are working, great. Keep doing what you are doing.
    For those activities that aren’t working, we need to figure out why.


One 90 minute phone or zoom or face-to-face meeting


A full outline of ideas will be generated for you to start using immediately after the session


Your current marketing efforts


How you measure your efforts


Your Business Goals (6 months, 1 year, 5 year)


Your target market – is it right for your brand


Marketing position ideas


Your website – suggest updates


Your social media accounts (ideas to grow them)


Review competitors


Review your current marketing efforts to make suggestions

Investment Cost


Sessions will occur roughly 1-2 weeks after registering.

We need the business overview application form completed and payment submitted before we can commence.

This will ensure we have enough time to research your business marketing activities to maximise our discussions.

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