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8 Reasons why Shopify is the Best Ecommerce Platform

Thinking of creating an online store! The primary goal of any business owner is to increase sales without being bogged down by technology and other administrative tasks. Businesses generally avoid wasting their valuable time on handling technology when they can focus on making sales and acquiring clients. When it comes to selling your products online, many business owners are turning to Shopify and Shopify Partners to get their business up and running hassle free.
Shopify is a hosted shopping cart solution to ecommerce storeowners. As a Shopify user, you will not worry about hosting issues, server maintenance, as well as how to present your brand to your customers. All this is taken care of by the amazing Shopify auxiliary applications available for use.
Let’s take a look at some of the popular functionality of Shopify.

1. Create a Beautiful Online Store

Visuals are critical in the success of your online store. Anyone who has succeeded in online selling will tell you that having a visually appealing store will put you ahead in this business.
When visitors land on your online store, all they see is the images and pictures you use to display your products. It is, therefore, important to ensure the site is visually appealing to keep people coming back to your store.
Shopify understands the pain online retailers would have to go through to ensure their stores are appealing.

2. SEO & Marketing Tools

Once you have set up your online store, it is important to optimize it for search engines.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for ensuring your webstore is found by those searching for your products.
Shopify enhances your ability to build landing pages for your campaigns, which is one of the distinguishing factors from other online shopping cart and ecommerce platforms.
It also allows custom title tags, and meta tags for better SEO.

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Over fifty percent of those who fill their carts with products leave without buying the product. This staggering discovery has pushed Shopify to create an interesting feature that sends email reminders to those who have not completed their purchases.
This makes it possible for you to increase your conversion rate as more people tend to complete the purchase once they are reminded.

Shopify Website Designer

4. Easy Payment Gateway

As an online retailer, you want a secure and reliable payment gateway. The payment solution you have should allow your customers to pay using different forms of payment options.
Shopify makes it easy for you to set up the payment gateway. The platform has developed Stripe payment option, which allows you and your customers to make transactions without incurring any fees. You also benefit from their lower credit card fees and also the fact that you do not need a merchant account to enjoy Stripe services.
If your customers do not have credit cards, it is possible for them to use other means such as PayPal or Afterpay to pay for the goods they buy from your online store.
This makes it possible for you to offer flexibility to your customers. In addition, Shopify makes it possible for your store name to appear on the customer’s statement as the charging entity.
This is a great way of branding your store, which in turn creates brand loyalty and trust.

5. Easy to Install Apps Available

With most people using their phones to shop online, it is important to develop a mobile app. Such an app would allow your customers to access your store straight from their mobile phones. In addition, you can manage your store on the go.
Whilst away from your business, you can track your orders, edit and update your products, and manage your shop from the phone.
There are numerous apps on Shopify designed to help you do different things on your store. You can install an app that allows customers to leave a review on your product page or you can install one that allows you to track and maintain enquiries from customers.
Installing and activating these apps is easy and simple hence allowing you the flexibility needed to enhance customer experience on your store.

6. Mobile Responsiveness

With a large number of people accessing the internet through their mobile phones, you are left with no choice but to make your website mobile friendly.
If your online store is not easily accessible using the mobile phones, then you will lose most of your customers to your competitors.
A mobile friendly site increases the customer experience and will eventually increase your sales. Studies have shown that most people will shift from using their desktops to access internet to their mobile phones. Therefore, having a mobile responsive site will make your online business future proof.
Worried? Don’t be!
Shopify has taken care of this. It has extremely responsive websites that keep updating to the new requirements of website responsiveness. This is in line with the platform’s goal of taking care of all the technical aspects of the online store, and leaving you with the task of selling your products.

7. Secure and Reliable

The other thing that keeps online shop owners awake is the security of their online store.
Nobody wants to wake up to news of hacking on his or her online store.
There is too much information contained on your platform, not just your own private information but also your client’s information.
As such, security and reliability of any online platform is critical to any online store’s success.
Shopify has got you covered in this aspect. Its strong security system and reliable hosting has endeared it to many online retailers.
Due to the nature of customer information your site will be handling, you should be able to guarantee the security of such information. Most of the critical customer information you will be handling through your ecommerce store include credit card information and bank details.
In addition, your customers expect your site to be online all the time and it should be fast in loading.
Shopify takes care of these issues, and all you need to do is concentrate on selling your products.

8. Quick Set Up And Easy Use

Not all online entrepreneurs are tech savvy.
As such, most entrepreneurs fear starting their own ecommerce stores because of the difficulty they would experience in creating an ecommerce platform.
Shopify, provides you with a platform where you do not have to understand coding at all. They have taken care of the hosting and servers. All you need is your products and the name of your online shop.

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